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The One and (Thank Goodness) Only Rob Gonzales Home Page

Hopefully by pure accident, you've reached what promises to be one of the most banal, bland, un-hip home pages around! As small consolation, this page will NEVER feature any slick Java apps, adorable Animations or that evil of evils - Frames!!

This is basically a place to put up photos of my various travels, along with the occasional "editorial" or "note from the field".


Rob Photo Below - Not for the Weak-Stomached

(The 2 Normal People in the Photo With Me are (on the left) Opera-L'er Alan Savada from Washington DC and (at center) Opera-L'er Janis Wallace of Orange County, California)

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Rob's Photo Gallery
Shots from my Travels, Operatic and Others
Rob's Employer
The Paycheck Comes Twice a Month, and it Hasn't Bounced (Yet)
The Official Neil Rogers Web Site
Neil-God! (Simply the Best Radio Announcer Anywhere - About the Only Redeeming Thing About South Florida (besides me))!!!!!

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People have been shocked and saddened times by the bathetic nature of this page